Implants vs. Bridges

Most patients understandably want tooth replacement that is as natural as possible. This requires crowns for bridges that are permanently placed and cannot come loose when eating or talking. The best choices for patients are either implant supported teeth or bridges.

A bridge requires your general dentist to use the adjacent teeth to support a cast tooth replacement. This requires the neighboring teeth to be prepared. Sometimes preparing the teeth can cause sensitivity or lead to root canal problems. Cleaning around and beneath the bridge with dental floss is important to prevent decay. Bridges typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Dental implants are considered less invasive since the surrounding teeth are not altered. It is more conservative for us and your general dentist to use an implant to replace a tooth or several teeth. As periodontists, we assist you and your dentist by placing the implant and ensuring that the gum and bone heal properly around the implant. Your dentist will then place an abutment and crown. With proper care, the implant should last your lifetime.